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Strategic Plan

The University published our 2016-20 Strategic Plan in March 2016 following a wide-ranging consultation with our staff, students and other key stakeholders. The 2016–20 strategy builds on our progress under our previous five-year plan.

University Legislation and Regulations

The University’s Office of General Counsel provides more information about provisions of the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW), other key pieces of legislation, and legislation as it relates to subsections of the University (faculties, departments, schools, foundations, centres and some institutes) and controlled entities.

Policy Management Unit and Policy Register

The Office of General Counsel is also home to the Policy Management Unit, which develops drafting protocols and templates for University policy, reviews existing documents, identifies new policy requirements and develops systematic processes for reviewing, publishing and improving policy at the University. The Policy Management Unit is responsible for maintaining the Policy Register, which publishes all current policies of the University.

University Calendar

The Calendar is an annual University publication. It details the key statutes and regulations under which the University operates and the Senate resolutions relating to constitutions and courses in each faculty. In addition, the Calendar includes members of Senate, the Academic Board and the names of senior University officers.

Archives and Records Management Services

Archives and Records Management Services (ARMS) provides a recordkeeping system for managing the University's files and documents, paper and electronic. It manages the University Archives which preserves the records of continuing value of the University. ARMS oversees access to the University's records and information in compliance with the NSW State Records Act, NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act and the NSW privacy legislation. ARMS administers the University's Corporate Recordkeeping System, encompassing the University's administrative, staff and student files.

University Annual Report

The University publishes an Annual Report to fulfill our statutory requirements and update the community on our activities and outcomes.

The annual report is provided to the Australian Government by the end of April every year, and is then tabled in Parliament by the end of May. Copies are available to the public and on our website from June onwards. You can also find past reports (back to 1999) in the annual report archive.

Leadership and Organisational Structure

The University publishes information about the academic and professional senior leadership of the University, and the University’s organisational structure

University of Sydney Staff Intranet

The University’s Staff Intranet contains information relevant to the day to day work of the staff of the University.

University Faculty Handbooks

Handbooks Online contains information for students currently undertaking study. Within each faculty handbook you will find the course rules and unit of study requirements needed to complete your studies.