Duties of Senate Fellows

The statutory functions of Senate are defined by section 16 of the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW). Senate Fellows additionally have the responsibilities set out in Schedule 2A of the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW). Senate Fellows are required to carry out the functions of Senate with due care and diligence, and act in good faith in the best interests of the University as a whole. Fellows are expected to develop a thorough understanding of the role and functions of the Senate, the University of Sydney, the tertiary education sector as a whole, and the environment in which it operates. Fellows are required to contribute to Senate by attending and participating in meetings of Senate and by serving on Senate’s standing committees.

Senate has developed a Senate Fellows Role Statement, which details a range of responsibilities, functions and commitments required under the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW), University of Sydney By-law 1999 (NSW), University rules and policy, and additional considerations thought appropriate by Senate. Senate requires that Fellows have the capacity to undertake the duties described therein. The Role Statement also contains the Code of Conduct for Senate Fellows.

The Senate Fellows Role Statement can be downloaded as a PDF.

In order to assist Fellows to understand their role and duties, the Secretariat has developed a Handbook for Fellows of Senate. The Handbook can be downloaded as a PDF.