Primary responsibilities

As the governing body of the University, Senate has the functions conferred on it by the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW). The Senate's primary responsibilities are:

  • appointing the Vice-Chancellor as the principal executive officer of the University, and monitoring his or her performance
  • approving the mission and strategic direction of the University, as well as the annual budget and business plan
  • overseeing and reviewing the management of the University and its performance
  • establishing policy and procedural principles, consistent with legal requirements and community expectations
  • approving and monitoring systems of control and accountability, including general overview of any controlled entities
  • overseeing and monitoring the assessment and management of risk across the University, including commercial undertakings
  • overseeing and monitoring the academic activities of the University.

Terms of reference

The statutory powers and responsibilities of Senate are defined by section 16 of the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW).