Joint University Executive / Academic Board Culture Taskforce

The Culture Taskforce is responsible for driving, building momentum and overseeing the Culture Strategy within the University Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

The Joint University Executive and Academic Board Culture Taskforce will:

  1. champion and advise on the best way to effect cultural change in the institution.
  2. provide overall governance of the implementation of a group of related initiatives. The Taskforce is responsible for managing the approach, scope, progress, benefits, risks, issues and timelines
  3. (The key day-to-day decision making responsibilities are delegated to the Executive Owners and their teams).

Terms of Reference
Composition and membership
Meeting dates and deadlines
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Terms of Reference

The Culture Taskforce will:

  1. Create the Cultural Vision
    - Articulate and promote a bold vision for the culture of 2020 and beyond.
    - Define tangible objectives and institutional initiatives to meet the needs of the Culture Strategy.
    - Design a five-year framework to meet objectives.
  2. Measure and monitor
    - Create and develop a series of indicators that will identify cultural progress, areas of excellence that can be shared with the broader University and areas where improvements should be supported.
    - Serve as a forum where case studies can be considered to reflect on the progress of cultural change.
    - Initiate deep dives, audits, incentives and other levers to tackle problem areas.
  3. Serve as a central forum
    - Harmonize, coordinate and bring together different University communities that have a duty to contribute to the culture strategy.
    - Align the priorities of different stakeholders within the University.
    - Lessen the impact of institutional siloes, promotes institutional-wide initiatives and collaboration amongst culture stakeholders. - Oversee organization of events to publicize and promote the new culture.
    - Celebrate the positive aspects of our existing culture.
  4. Drive and oversee culture initiatives in 2016-2020 Strategic Plan
    - Accountable for the successful oversight of all culture initiatives within the 2016-2020 strategic plan.
    - Support, advise and influence research and education strategic implementation to ensure the sustainable adoption of a ‘culture of excellence’.
    - Makes recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor in regards to the approval and authorization of projects funded that drive progress towards the culture initiatives.
    - Manage the funding within the envelope approved to deliver the Culture Strategy.
    - Influence and approve the content, direction and approach of all initiatives within the Culture Strategy.
    - Responsible for the continued promotion of the university’s values.
    - Identify and tackle counterproductive work behaviours that hamper and impede culture change and development.
    - Actively advocate for the culture strategy.

The Culture Taskforce full terms of reference can be downloaded as a PDF.

Composition and membership

Meeting dates and deadlines

2019 Meetings


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Meeting date

Thursday 31 January 2019

Friday 1 February 2019

Friday 8 February 2019

9:45am– 10:20am

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Wednesday 1 May


Thursday 6 June 2019

Friday 7 June 2019

Friday 14 June

9:30am– 11:30am

Thursday 16 August 2019

Friday 16 August 2019

Friday 23 August 2019


Thursday 10 October 2019

Friday 11 October 2019

Friday 18 October 2019

9:30am– 11:30am

Committee contact

Committee Officer, University Secretariat
Rosie Biasi
T +61 2 8627 8052
M +61 411 161935

Meeting papers

Meeting papers are available on the secure Joint UE-AB Culture Taskforce SharePoint site.