Strategy Governance Board

The Strategy Governance Board will provide overall governance of the whole-of-strategy program of work with consideration to the overarching implementation plan and benefits realisation while considering changes and impacts in the external environment.

Terms of Reference
Program Control Boards
Composition and membership
Meeting dates and submission deadlines
Committee contact
Meeting papers

Terms of Reference

The Strategy Governance Board will:

  • Provide strategic direction to the programs;
  • Monitor the external environment and determine the impacts on the strategic plan;
  • Manage the impacts of funding deltas;
  • Approve or endorse decisions impacting across program streams;
  • Monitor the benefits realisation and the overall impact to the strategic plan;
  • Approve major changes to the scope, delivery of outcomes or timelines;
  • Endorse proposals (or decide to propose) to start or stop any strategic initiative;
  • Determine if additional enabling initiatives are required to deliver against the strategy;
  • Actively support the initiatives across the University;
  • Monitor the risks to delivery of the program of work and the strategic outcomes.

The Committee's full terms of reference can be downloaded as a PDF.

Program Control Boards

The Strategy Governance Board (SGB) is informed and supported by a range of program control boards (PCBs) that oversee the individual elements of the University's Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020, and report to the SGB. Contact details and links to the relevant SharePoint site for each board are below. The SharePoint page includes meeting dates, meeting papers, Terms of Reference and membership.

Program Control Board

Committee Officer

SharePoint page

Core Research Facilities

Caroline North
T +61 2 9114 1466

Core Research Facilities

Education Strategy

Sarah Hepworth
T +61 2 9114 1468

Education Strategy

Joint UE & Academic Board Culture Taskforce

Linda Goodman
T +61 2 8627 6301

Joint UE & Academic Board Culture Taskforce

Microsoft Collaboration

Caroline North
T +61 2 9114 1466

Microsoft Collaboration

Organisational Design (Faculty of Medicine and Health)

Tanya Gerrie
T +61 2 8627 1331

Organisational Design


Jacqueline Toroian
T +61 2 8627 6906


Research Strategy

Sally Hilton
T +61 2 9351 4316

Research Strategy

Student Administrative Services

Tanya Gerrie
T +61 2 8627 1331

Student Administrative Services

Westmead Advisory Group

Jacqueline Toroian
T +61 2 8627 6906

Papers for the Westmead Advisory Group are distributed by the University Secretariat

Composition and membership





Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Dr Michael Spence AC (Chair)

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Stephen Garton

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Philippa Pattison AO

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services)

Professor Juanita Sherwood (Acting)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Professor Duncan Ivison

Vice-Principal (Strategy)

Rebecca Murray

2 Representatives from the Deans

Professor Annamarie Jagose

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Professor Trevor Hambley

Dean, Faculty of Science

Vice-Principal (Operations)

Stephen Phillips

Vice-Principal (Operations)

Director, Culture Strategy

Associate Professor Jennifer Barrett



Individual Program Managers for implementation streams

Dr Margaret Faedo

Executive Director, Strategy

Ben Wilson

Manager, Staff Communications

Nisha Graham

Chief Risk Officer

PSU Directors as required

 Wayne Andrews

Chief Financial Officer

2018 Meeting dates and submission timelines

Agenda deadline

Agenda papers distributed

Meeting date

Wednesday 14 February

Friday 16 February

Friday 23 February

Wednesday 7 March

Friday 9 March

Friday 16 March

Tuesday 17 April

Thursday 19 April

Thursday 26 April

Wednesday 16 May

Friday 18 May

Friday 25 May

Wednesday 13 June

Friday 15 June

Friday 22 June

Wednesday 18 July

Friday 20 July

Friday 27 July

Wednesday 22 August

Friday 24 August

Friday 31 August

Wednesday 19 September

Friday 21 September

Friday 28 September

Wednesday 17 October

Friday 19 October

Friday 26 October

Tuesday 20 November

Thursday 22 November

Thursday 29 November

Committee contact

Executive Officer, Strategy Governance
Linda Goodman
T +612 8627 6301

Meeting papers

Meeting papers are available on the secure SGB SharePoint site.