Student Life Committee

The purpose of the UE Student Life Committee is to contribute to the ongoing development and implementation of University strategy as it relates to student life and to:

  1. Review operational matters and consider business-as-usual matters; and
  2. Be a conduit for institutional discussion and faculty discussions in the domain.

Terms of Reference
Composition and membership
Meeting dates and submission deadlines
Committee contact
Meeting papers

Terms of Reference

The UE Student Life Committee will:

  1. Discuss opportunities for improvement in student welfare matters;
  2. Consider and discuss student life operational matters;
  3. Provide input into planning for student life matters;
  4. Monitor the University’s performance on student life matters against the KPIs; and
  5. Assist with the formulation of risk appetites and tolerances germane to student life matters.

The UE Student Life Committee has the authority to:

  1. Provide advice on matters within the student life portfolio, following the strategic direction agreed to by the University Executive.

Relationship with University Executive:

  1. The UE Student Life Committee will refer matters to the University Executive only if the matters have an impact on the responsibility of the other UE Committees, or the Chair considers decision is of strategic importance.

Committee members have the responsibility to:

  1. Harness energy and lead activity within this portfolio domain; within Faculties and within University Schools;
  2. Contribute the perspectives of their Faculties and University Schools to the Committee;
  3. Feed back to other UE Committees of which they are members, the decisions and discussion of the Committee; and
  4. Feed back to Faculties and University Schools the decisions and discussions of the Committee.

The Committee's full terms of reference can be downloaded as a PDF.

Composition and membership




Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Co-Chair

Professor Philippa Pattison

Director, Educational Innovation Co-Chair

Professor Adam Bridgeman

Deputy Registrar

Brendon Nelson

Director, Student Support Services

Jordi Austin

Director, Library Services

Anne Bell

Director, Educational Strategy

Associate Professor Peter McCallum

6 Faculty Associate Deans*






Dr Carolyn Stott

Associate Dean, Student Life, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Associate Professor John O’Byrne

Associate Dean, Student Life, Faculty of Science 

Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson

Associate Dean, Student Life, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies 

Dr Alexander Holden

Faculty of Dentistry (nominee)

Associate Professor Nial Wheate

Program Director, Undergraduate Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy (nominee)

Associate Professor Mark McEntee

Associate Dean, Student Life, Faculty of Health Sciences

3 University School Associate Deans



Dr Olivia Dixon

Associate Dean, Student Life, The University of Sydney Law School

Dr Suzanne Ollerenshaw

The University Sydney Medical School (nominee) 

Dr Jennifer Green

Sydney Nursing School (nominee)

5 Heads of School (minimum 1 from a University School)




Professor Fran Waugh

Head of School, The University of Sydney School of Education and Social Work, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Professor Heiko Spallek

Acting Dean, Faculty of Dentistry

Susan Newsome

Sydney Conservatorium of Music (nominee)

Professor Pennie Frow

Acting Head of School, The University of Sydney Business School

Professor Phil McManus

Head of School, Geosciences

Student Representative(s)

Imogen Grant

Student Representative Council

Kiriti Mortha

Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

Courtney Thompson

University of Sydney Union


DVC (Registrar) portfolio directors as required by the Chair.

Angela Watkins

Executive Director, Global Student Recruitment

Leo Falcone

Executive Director, DVC (Registrar) portfolio

Any others as determined by the Chair when necessary


*Until the implementation date of the new Faculty of Medicine and Health, wherever a Committee Terms of Reference refers to 6 Faculty Deans, Associate Deans, or Faculty General Managers, it shall be taken to mean those positions in: FASS, Business, Engineering and IT, Science, Health Sciences, Sydney Medical School, Sydney Nursing School, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

2018 Meeting dates and submission timelines

Meeting Date



Agenda Papers Deadline

Agenda Papers Distributed

Wednesday 28 March


Western Tower Room

Monday 19 March

Wednesday 21 March

Wednesday 9 May


Western Tower Room 

Monday 30 April

Wednesday 2 May

Wednesday 20 June


Western Tower Room

Monday 11 June

Wednesday 13 June

Wednesday 5 September


Western Tower Room

Monday 27 August

Wednesday 29 August

Wednesday 3 October


Western Tower Room 

Monday 24 September

Wednesday 26 September

Wednesday 7 November


Western Tower Room

Monday 29 October

Wednesday 31 October

Committee contact

Committee Officer
Sarah Hepworth
T +61 2 9114 1468

Meeting papers

Meeting papers are available on the secure UE SLC SharePoint site.