Westmead Precinct Board

Terms of Reference
Composition and membership
Meeting dates and submission deadlines
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Terms of Reference

The purpose of the UE Westmead Precinct Board (UE WPB) is to:

  1. Provide direction, governance and decision making for the terms of reference as detailed below
  2. Overseeing the planning and delivery of the University’s academic activities at Westmead
  3. Ensuring cross-faculty collaboration and pan-faculty oversight of the University’s activities at Westmead
  4. Making recommendations to the University Executive and the Vice-Chancellor through the Strategic Governance Board on the activities and direction of the Program
  5. Making recommendations to Campus Infrastructure Services, Information, Communication and Technology and other Professional Services Units about capital and information communication and technology infrastructure priorities and delivery of support services at Westmead
  6. Manage approvals of:
    a. Academic Strategy (to be developed)
    b. All Program plans including annual Operations Plan and Program Budget
    c. Change Requests e.g. scope, time, budget, benefits
    d. Stage gates.
  7. Benefit realisation
  8. Resolving escalated issues from the Westmead Precinct Academic Committee or the Westmead Precinct Operations Committee
  9. Monitoring risk mitigation and contingency plans
  10. Championing the Program across the University and Westmead Precinct partners and other stakeholders
  11. Approving reports to the Strategy Governance Board University Executive, and Senate
  12. Commissioning quality assurance/reviews as required.

The Committee's full terms of reference can be downloaded as a PDF.

Composition and membership





Vice-Chancellor’s Delegate for the Westmead Initiative (Chair)

 Professor Chris Peck

Academic Director Westmead Initiative

 Professor David Cook

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar) - nominee


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) - nominee

 Professor Duncan Ivison

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) - nominee

 Professor Pip Patterson

Nomination from Sydney Medical School

 Professor Tania Sorrell

Nomination from Sydney Nursing School

 Professor Donna Waters

Nomination from Faculty of Pharmacy

 Professor Andrew McLachlan

Nomination from Faculty of Health Sciences

 Professor Michelle Lincoln

Nomination from Faculty of Science

 Professor Pauline Ross

Nomination from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

 Professor Annamarie Jagose

Nomination from Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

 Professor Archie Johnston

Nomination from The University of Sydney Business School

 Professor John Buchanan

Nomination from The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

 Professor John Redmond

Chief Operating Officer, Westmead Precinct

 Kate O'Sullivan

Chief Financial Officer

Wayne Andrews

Director, Campus Infrastructure Services

Greg Robinson

Chief Information Officer

Mike Day


Attendees will be invited at the discretion of the Chair

2018 Meeting dates and submission timelines


Agenda deadline

Agenda papers distributed

Meeting date

Wednesday 31 January

Wednesday 7 February

Wednesday 14 February (Camperdown)

Wednesday 29 March

Wednesday 4 April

Wednesday 11 April (Westmead)

Wednesday 30 May

Wednesday 6 June

Wednesday 13 June (Camperdown)

Wednesday 25 July

Wednesday 1 August

Wednesday 8 August (Westmead)

Wednesday 26 September

Wednesday 3 October

Wednesday 10 October (Westmead)

Wednesday 21 November

Wednesday 28 November

Wednesday 5 December (Camperdown)


Committee contact

Committee Officer
Jacqueline Toroian
T +61 2 8627 6906

Meeting papers

Meeting papers are available on the secure UE WPB SharePoint site.