University anniversaries

75th anniversary, 1927

The University of Sydney Sports Union's fete, 10 September 1927

The University of Sydney Sports Union's fete was held on 10 September 1927 as a conclusion to Exhibition Week and a fund-raising event for the University's 75th Anniversary Appeal, with the money raised set aside for the sports section of the appeal.

The opening ceremony was performed by Sir Mungo MacCallum, Vice-Chancellor, who was introduced by Mr Vernon Treatt, President of the Sports Union.

"We all realise how important a place sport plays in University life. It assists not only the body, but the mind as well," said Sir Mungo, who paid a tribute to the Sports Union and the Women's Sports Association, whose activities, he said, must have chief place among those which the University had to advance. "They are deserving of support of the public," he concluded.

Many of the stalls and sideshows were in charge of bands of undergraduates. In addition to a great variety of side shows (e.g. shooting galleries), there were numerous entertainments, such as an organ recital, dancing in the Union Hall (both afternoon and evening), conjuring, and ventriloquist entertainments. The Fisher Library, the Geological Museum, the Museum of Antiquities, and the Medical School were open for inspection. The chairman of the fete committee was Mr G P Stuckey, and Mr C G Hill was the secretary.

Sports Union University Appeal Fete

'Guess its weight!' Students from Sancta Sophia College at the fete, photo, The Sydney Mail, 14 September 1927, Google News Archive.

Stalls comprising endless articles gay-looking and of every description included:

  • tobacco stall - Athletic Club
  • sweets staff - St Paul's College
  • fancy stall - St Andrew's College
  • sweets stall 2 - Hockey Club
  • jam stall - Cricket Club
  • hoop-la staff - St John's College
  • lucky packets stall - Sancta Sophia
  • produce stall - Chrlstian Union
  • useful articles stall - Women's College
  • flowers stall - Economics, Massage and Medical students (women)
  • sweets stall 3 - Science students
  • fancy stall - Football Club
  • lightning sketches - Architectural Society
  • ice cream staff - University Veterans
  • refreshments stall - women members of the Arts Society
  • dips stall - Baseball Club
  • smallgoods stall - men members of the Arts Society

An 'aerial derby' was conducted by Mr Geoffrey Robin, on behalf of the boat club.

(From the 'Sydney Morning Herald', 8 and 12 September 1927, and 'The Canberra Times', 23 September 1927, courtesy NLA Newspapers)