Fellows of Senate

All Fellows of Senate from 1850

Between 1850 and 2013, there have been some 470 Fellows of Senate.

All Fellows


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Senate's composition: 1851 to the present

The first ...

The first ... In ...                                                                      
... Fellows of Senate (they were appointed by the NSW Governor) 1850 
... Fellows who were Professors (ex-officio) (in disciplines selected by Senate) 1861
... Fellows who were members of each House of Parliament 1912
... Fellows who were Professors elected by faculties 1912
... Fellows elected by the graduates  1912
... female Fellow 1916
... Fellow (a graduate) representing the students 1936
... student Fellow (elected by the students) 1973
... non-professorial academic staff Fellows (elected by the full-time permanent members of academic staff) 1973
... non-academic staff Fellow (elected by the full-time permanent members of non-academic staff) 1986