Fellows of Senate

Emeritus Professor Sir Samuel Henry Egerton Barraclough KBE CBE (MilDiv) VD

An early graduate of the University of Sydney (BE 1892), Professor Sir Samuel Henry Egerton Barraclough KBE CBE (MilDiv) VD was a Fellow of Senate from 1925 to 1933 and from 1944 to 1954.


BE Sydney MME Cornell HonMME Adel, HonMIMechE HonMIEAust HonFSE
Fellow of Senate 1925 - 1933, and 1944 - 1954

His early years

Samuel Henry Egerton Barraclough was born on 25 October 1871 in Sydney, eldest son of William Henry Barraclough, clerk, and his wife Hannah Arabella, née Egerton. He was educated at Sydney Boys' High School.

His student days at the University of Sydney

Barraclough graduated BE from the University of Sydney in 1892.

His career

Awarded an 1851 Exhibition travelling scholarship, Barraclough attended Sibley College of Engineering, Cornell University, United States of America (MME 1894), and while there was an editor of the Sibley Journal of Engineering.

After travelling in North America, he returned to Sydney in 1895 and became lecturer-in-charge of the department of (applied) physics at the Sydney Technical College and taught physics at Sydney High School.

In 1897 he was appointed assistant lecturer in mechanical engineering under Professor W H Warren in the Peter Nicol Russell school of engineering at the University; he also lectured in military engineering in its department of military science.

In 1901-02 he was founding president of the Sydney University Engineering Society and president of the Engineering Association of New South Wales in 1914-15.

During the early years of World War 1, Barraclough served on the censor's staff in Sydney. He later went to England, where he was placed in charge of the Australian munition workers, with the rank of colonel. He was appointed CBE (military division) in 1919 and the following year was promoted KBE; he was also awarded the Volunteer Officers' Decoration.

He was Peter Nicholl Russell Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the University from 1915 to 1941 and was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering 1924-33 and 1936-41. He had a profound influence on the advancement of engineering education.

Sir Henry served his profession outside the university as a fellow of the Society of Engineers, a member of the institutions of Civil and Mechanical Engineers, and a foundation member of the Newcomen Society, all of London. He was a councillor of the Royal Society of New South Wales, and president of its engineering section, and president of section H of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science in 1937. He was a councillor and president in 1935 of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, and also served on the Australian National Research Council, the council of the Standards Association of Australia and on various local advisory committees.

Retiring from the University as Peter Nicholl Russell Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 1941, he became Emeritus Professor.

He died at Sydney Hospital on 30 August 1958.

From the Australian Dictionary of Biography

Colonel Sir Henry Barraclough

Colonel Sir Henry Barraclough, photo from 'Hermes", August 1920.

Professor Sir Henry Barraclough and Professor Warren in 1925

Professor Sir Henry Barraclough (left) and Professor Warren in 1925, photo from 'The Sydney Morning Herald', 4 September 1925

Professor Sir Henry Barraclough in 1929

Professor Sir Henry Barraclough in 1929, photo G3_224_2455, University of Sydney Archives

His membership of Senate

Barraclough was a Fellow of Senate representing the teaching staff from 1925 to 1933 and Fellow elected by the graduates from 1944 to 1954.