Fellows of Senate

Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO

The Program

Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO was farewelled at a special reception in the Great Hall on Tuesday 11 December 2012 at which the Deputy Chancellor Mr Alan Cameron AO was Master of Ceremonies.

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At the reception:

  • the portrait of the Chancellor by Jiawei Shen was unveiled. The artist was chosen by Professor Bashir from a shortlist put together by the University. Professor Bashir sat for the artist four times over a period of five months, from June to October 2012. The portrait will be hung in the Great Hall.
  • the Chancellor was presented with a painting ‘Milk 8 (Banksia)’, by Helen Pynor, Sydney College of the Arts, who holds a PhD in visual arts. The Deputy Chancellor advised guests that the artwork depicts medicinal plants used by the Dharawal people, traditional owners of the southern Sydney and Illawarra region of NSW and seems fitting for the Chancellor, as she has championed the cause of the health of Indigenous Australians for many years. Banksia itself is a Dharawal remedy for ‘unsettled children’, which also seems appropriate for a person who has made such a significant contribution to child and adolescent mental health in this country. We wish to pay our respects to John Lennis and the Dharawal elders, who generously passed on their knowledge of the traditional Dharawal plant remedies to the artist.

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The following selection of photographs by Ted Sealey are copyright University of Sydney:

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The Sunrise String Quartet, students from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Master of Ceremonies, Alan Cameron
Dr William Barton giving the welcome to country
The address by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence
Alan Cameron and the Chancellor
Alan Cameron presenting the gift to the Chancellor
Artist Jiawei Shen unveiling the portrait of the Chancellor
Artist Jiawei Shen and the Chancellor
The Chancellor giving her address
The Chancellor giving her address
Gaudeamus Igitus, Sydney University Musical Society & Graduate Choir, Amy Johansen University Organi
The Chancellor and Sir Nicholas Shehadie, artist Jiawei Shen and his family, and the portrait
The Chancellor, artist Jiawei Shen and the portrait
The Chancellor and her gift, the painting ‘Milk 8 (Banksia)’
The Deputy Chancellor, the artist Dr Helen Pynor and the Chancellor
Alan Cameron and the Chancellor
Dr Michael Spence with the Chancellor
The Chancellor and the Sunrise String Quartet
Former Fellow Joseph Skrzynski AO and Sir Nicholas Shehadie
The Chancellor and Dr William Barton
The Chancellor with Dr William Adams, Secretary to Senate
The Chancellor and her Quadrangle crown, made by artist Richard Black
The Chancellor with Jenny Leong (centre) and Angus McFarland, both former student Fellows of Senate
The Chancellor with Professor Bruce Robinson (left) and Professor Simon Chapman (former Fellow)
The Chancellor & former/current Fellows: Dr Fitzsimons, Ms Wilson, Professor Harris & Mrs Hoddinott
Bruce Corlett (former Fellow), Ann Corlett and David Mortimer (Fellow)
The Chancellor and Keith Jennings - former Registrar & Secretary to Senate
James Flynn (Fellow) and the Chancellor
Ben Veness (former Fellow) and the Chancellor
Patrick Massarani (new Fellow) and the Chancellor
The Chancellor and Professor Chris Murphy, Fellow
Esquire Bedell and former Fellow Bohdan Bilinsky
Associate Professor Tony Masters (right) - former Fellow
Professor Derrick Armstrong and Emeritus Professor Ken Eltis