Fellows of Senate

Jack Kay Clegg

Jack Clegg was the Fellow of Senate elected by and from the postgraduate students of the University of Sydney for two one-year terms of office, from 1 December 2004 to 30 November 2006.

As a Fellow of Senate, Jack was a member of the following Senate committees: Finance and Infrastructure Committee; Senate/Sports Liaison Committee (ex-officio), Senate/SUPRA Liaison Committee, Student Academic Appeals Committee (ex-officio) and Student Appeal Committee (Exclusions and Readmissions) (ex-officio). He was also a Director of the Council of Abercrombie Street Child Care Ltd, appointed by Senate.


BLibStuds (Hons) Sydney
Fellow of Senate, 1 December 2004 - 30 November 2006

Jack was intricately involved with the SRC during his time at the University including fulfilling roles as the Honorary Secretary, Chair of the Standing Legal Committee and Acting President between 2001 and 2005.

He was also a SUPRA councillor in 2004.

His awards include the University Medal 2004; APA, Henry Bertie & Florence Mabel Gritton University Medallist Award; and the Agnes Campbell Prize, and his employment experience is as a Director, Reliance Credit Union and the Australian Youth Orchestra.