Fellows of Senate

Alfred Robert Denison

Alfred Robert Denison was one of the original 16 Fellows of Senate appointed in 1850. He served on Senate from 1850 to 1853, when he left for England, and again from 1856 to 1860, filling a vacancy.


(1816 - 1887)
BA Oxf
Fellow of Senate: 1850 - 1853, 1856 - 1860

Robert Alfred Denison, known as Alfred Robert Denison, was born in England, one of 11 children of John Evelyn Denison.

He came to Australia in 1840 with his brother Henry, purchased land at Cassilis and attempted to start a sheep farm and breed stock at station called 'Llangollen' in partnership with his brother. In the1840s was appointed a Councillor in the Cassillis district council. He was a Non-Elective Member of the first Legislative Council from 1843 to 1856.

Denison served on Senate from 1850 to 1853, when he left for England.

On his return to the colony in 1856, he was appointed Private Secretary to the Governor-General, Sir William Thomas, another brother, and filled a vacancy on Senate until 1860.

In 1861 he was appointed to act as a Commissioner in London representing Queensland at the International Exhibition and the following year was appointed Secretary to the Speaker of the British House of Commons, the Right Hon Evelyn Denison (another brother) who served from 1857 to 1872.

On the death of John Woolley in 1867, owing to his long connection with the University and knowledge of the requirements of the colony Dension was appointed to the committee in England to fill the vacancy was created in the Chair of Classics and Logic.

In 1873 Denison was left by the death of his brother, the late Speaker of the House of Commons, the sum of £500 a year.

In 1884 he was chairman of the Royal Farmers' and General, Fire Life, and Hail Insurance Company, and a director of the Trust and Agency Company of Australasia.

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