Fellows of Senate

Robert Joseph Hawkes

Robert Joseph Hawkes, a retired business man, was a Fellow of Senate from 1936 to 1954.


Fellow of Senate 1936–1954

His career

Hawkes was manager for South Australia of the English, Scottish and Australian Bank for 16 years and was then transferred to Sydney in 1917 to manage the bank's business in NSW. In 1925 Mr Hawkes retired from the position of resident inspector in Sydney for the bank, having completed 43 years of service.

A prominent business man, Hawkes was unanimously elected president of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce in 1930, having been a member of the council since 1922 and having held office as honorary treasurer and as vice-president since March 1928. He was President of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce 1930-1, 1931-3 and 1936-7.

Hawkes was chairman of the chamber's tariff section, had been associated with the Red Cross for many years, holding the office of chairman of the New South Wales division, and was President of the New South Wales Ambulance Transport Board.

His membership of Senate

Hawkes was elected to the Senate of the University by the Fellows of the Senate at a meeting on 21 December 1936 to fill the vacancy on the Senate created by the recent retirement of Sir Mungo MacCallum, and he was one of the three Fellows elected by the other Fellows. He remained a Fellow until 1954.

Information from National Library of Australia historic newspapers