Fellows of Senate

Professor Ernest Rudolph Holme OBE

An early graduate of the University of Sydney (BA 1891, MA 1909), Professor Ernest Rudolph Holme OBE was a Fellow of Senate from 1921 to 1925.


His career

Holme was McCaughey Professor of English Language at the University of Sydney from 1920 to 1941.

Assistant Professor Holme in 1911

Assistant Professor Holme (centre, middle row, with arms folded) in 1911 with members of the Evening Students Association Committee, photo G3_224_0655, University of Sydney Archives.

Assistant Professor Holme in 1912

Assistant Professor Holme in 1912, President of the Sydney University Union, photo from 'Hermes', May 1912.

Holme in uniform during World War 1

Holme in uniform as an officer in charge of the University company during World War 1, photo from 'Hermes', Novermber 1918 issue

Professor Holme was farewelled by students prior to sailing to London in 1926

Professor Holme was farewelled by students in 1926 prior to sailing to London, photo from the 'Sydney Morning Herald, 24 February 1926

Professor Ernest Rudolph Holme

Professor Ernest Rudolph Holme, photo G3_224_1656, University of Sydney Archives