Honorary awards

Margaret Sneddon Bickle

The honorary degree of Master of Pharmacy (honoris causa) was conferred upon Margaret Sneddon Bickle by the Chancellor Dame Leonie Kramer AC DBE at the Faculty of Pharmacy graduation ceremony held at 11.30am on 24 February 1998.



I have the honour to present Margaret Sneddon Bickle for admission to the degree of Master of Pharmacy (honoris causa).

Margaret Bickle has always been a role model for women in the profession of pharmacy. Margaret studied for two years at the Pharmacy School at Sydney University achieving a Distinction and Final Pharmacy Materia Medica in 1950. She opened a pharmacy in Engadine in 1951, the first in that suburb. Her first interests in the Pharmacy Guild came with an opportunity for training pharmacy assistants. Her ideas and suggestions were welcomed and taken up and she was asked to join the Staff Training Division of the Guild which led to her decision to stand for the New South Wales Guild Committee and she was the first woman elected to the Pharmacy Guild Committee. In the mid 1970s she became the representative of the Pharmacy Guild to the Pharmacy Practice Foundation in the University of Sydney and in 1984 was elected to the Council of the Pharmacy Practice Foundation. She remains an elected member of the Foundation Council.

Through this period, Margaret has worked on committees for the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales to establish guidelines for the training of Dispensary Assistants. She became the Guild and Australian Representative on the Standards Association of Australia. Margaret's belief that the Guild had to strengthen its input in the professional role of the pharmacist saw her undertake the task of uniting the Guild and the Pharmaceutical Society to develop and enlarge the profession in order to keep up with the changes in society and technology. In 1976 she became an inaugural Member of the Joint Pharmaceutical Services Group of the Guild and the Society. In 1978 the opportunity came to represent the Guild and Australia internationally at the Federation lntemationale Pharmaceutique on the Community Practice Division.

During the 1980s Margaret Bickle accepted further responsibilities, firstly within the Pharmacy Guild and then by being elected to the Executive Committee of the Community Practice Section of the Federation lntemationale Pharmaceutique, the first woman and the first Australian elected to this international committee of eight, making it possible for her to promote Australian pharmacy on the international scene. In 1991 she was the first elected woman to become President of the Community Practice Section of the Federation lnternationale, a very prestigious honour and the first Australian to achieve this.

Mrs Bickle received honorary Life Membership of the Guild in 1993, "an honour which could not be surpassed", or so she felt. However in 1996 she was awarded the Andre Bedat Medal for her contribution to international pharmacy, a fitting reward for an outstanding Australian woman - one of only eight people in the world to be awarded this honour.

Chancellor, I present to you Margaret Sneddon Bickle for admission to the degree of Master of Pharmacy (honoris causa).