Honorary awards

Edward George Bowen OBE

The honorary degree of Doctor of Science was conferred upon distinguished scientist Edward George Bowen on 2 May 1957, at a special meeting of the Senate in the Great Hall.


Dr Bowen, OBE, MSc Wales PhD Lond, who has been Chief of the Division of Radio-physics, CSIRO since 1946, is a distinguished scientist whose contributions to scientific knowledge have achieved world-wide recognition. Before he became Deputy Chief of the Division in 1944, he had already attained distinction in Great Britain and the United States for his work on the development of radar, both, before and during the war. Under his leadership, the Division has made substantial contributions to the development of radar for aerial navigation, which are reflected in the increased safety and reliability of civil aircraft and in the improved control of air traffic. As leader of a group of scientists concerned with the application of new radio techniques to the examination of distant stars, he is in the forefront of those who founded the ßcience of radio astronomy. His basic discoveries in the field of cloud physics are widely recognised as a most significant step in scientific progress.

From the 1957 Senate Report