Honorary awards

Lyn Bronger

The title of Honorary Fellow of the University of Sydney was awarded to Lyn Bronger by the Chancellor the Hon Justice Kim Santow at the Pharmacy ceremony held at 9.30am on 23 March 2007.

Lyn Bronger

The Chancellor and Ms Bronger, photo, copyright Memento Photography.


Chancellor, I have the honour to present Lyn Bronger for the conferral of the title of Honorary Fellow of the University.

Lyn Bronger‘s association with pharmacy began in the 1970’s when she graduated with her Bachelor of Pharmacy at this university. From that point on, it was clear that Lyn was going to be an active member of the pharmacy community in many different ways. She went on to complete a range of educational qualifications in accounting, business management as well as several courses designed to enable and empower the 200 staff with whom she works.

Quite clearly, she is an incredibly successful business woman, in partnership with her husband over the years she has set up and operated several community pharmacies, the “Chemistworks” group. However, in addition to this demanding business and professional role, Lyn has consistently and generously donated her time and expertise to the development of the profession.

Lyn is regarded as a leader in Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management as evidenced by the high regard in which so many organizations hold her and in the number of pharmacies she has successfully managed. It is typical of Lyn Bronger that she has translated this success into educational units for our pharmacy students. Her professional and educational leadership is evident in the opportunities she provides to pharmacy undergraduates as well as to her staff. She is clearly an outstanding and sought after mentor to all her staff and a role model for our graduates.

Lyn Bronger has been instrumental in setting up the Faculty’s management course within the undergraduate degree. She has designed the learning outcomes and recruited the best in the field to provide our undergraduates with the skills they require for a career in pharmacy. The Faculty’s course is admired by other Universities and in 2005 she was recruited to design another course for the University of Newcastle. Since she began the design of the course between 900 and 1000 undergraduate students at this university alone have been fortunate enough to have had access to her expertise within the Pharmacy Management course. Since she also runs a successful business group in Pharmacy as a practitioner she is respected and admired by all students with whom she interacts. Although the Faculty feels that we have been the grateful recipients of her expertise she describes herself as privileged to contribute to the profession by influencing the development and business understanding of young pharmacists early in their careers.

In everything she has done, Lyn has been and continues to be a great supporter of the Faculty of Pharmacy and of the Pharmacy Alumni Association. She has been active on the committee which raised funds for our beautiful pharmacy corridor and for our state of the art lecture theatre. She is on the executive of the Women for Pharmacy group and is involved in a research project designed to foster career paths for women. She encourages women throughout the profession and is actively involved in forming sustainable networks to develop skills for management, professional development and ownership.

Lyn is regularly invited to write articles for the profession and to speak at professional meetings. She has been the recipient of a fellowship from the Australian Institute of Pharmacy Management and is a recognized leader in her field.

Lyn’s vision is of a pharmacy as a health and wellness centre for the whole local community with emphasis on the increasing number of older, less mobile citizens – offering education and management around disease states of the elderly, for example diabetes or asthma. She believes Pharmacy has a pivotal role to play in disease prevention and health maintenance. She is passionate about the pharmacy profession, about the business of pharmacy and the people that are part of it. Her philosophy is to share her passion.

In sharing this passion we have the essential elements of Lyn Bronger.

She is a role model for women and men of all ages. Her enthusiasm for newideas, her profession, for people…for life, is what sets her aside and instantaneously makes her liked and respected amongst peers and colleagues.

Chancellor, I present to you Lyn Bronger, Pharmacy leader, educator, innovator and loyal and active Member of our alumni. and I invite you to confer the title of Honorary Fellow of the University.