Honorary awards

Emeritus Professor Sir Lorimer Fenton Dods

The degree of Doctor of Science (honoris causa) was conferred upon Emeritus Professor Sir Lorimer Fenton Dods by the Chancellor Sir Hermann Black at a ceremony on 25 May 1974.

The Chancellor Sir Hermann Black and Emeritus Professor Sir Lorimer Dods

The Chancellor Sir Hermann Black and Emeritus Professor Sir Lorimer Dods, photo, The University of Sydney News 5 June 1974, University Archives.


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Emeritus Professor William O'Neil, gave the presentation address.

Lorimer Fenton Dods, a graduate of this University, has played a distinguished and varying role in medicine but especially in paediatrics in Australia.

As a general practitioner, Sir Lorimer took an increasing interest in the health of children and in the treatment of their diseases, and was soon specialising in this field both at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children and as a part-time tutor at this university.

After war service in the Middle East and New Guinea, Sir Lorimer was in 1949 appointed to a new chair of Child Health.

In his presentation address, Professor O'Neil outlined several aspects of Sir Lorimer's career, including the following observation: "Three things have struck me in what I have read of his long list of publications. First a concern in curing or at least alleviating human diseases. Second, a concern with understanding the causes and courses of human distress, this is where the scientist in him is clearest. Third, a deep humane sympathy with the human sufferer in illness. His fund raising efforts through the Children's Medical Foundation is a practical expression of all three concerns."

From The University of Sydney News, 5 June 1974