Honorary awards

Allan Allman Gamble

The honorary degree of Master of Arts was conferred on Allan Allman Gamble at a graduation ceremony held on Wednesday 10 April 1991 in the Great Hall.

Allan Gamble

Mr Gamble after the graduation autographing copies of his books, photo, 'The University of Sydney News', 16 April 1991.


Through Allan Gamble's gifts as an artist, a great many people have come to see and to appreciate this University and the beauty of its buildings and gardens. The award was made in recognition of the service he has rendered to the University, through the exercise of the rare skill and vigour of his art.

His connection with the University began in 1945 when he was appointed Senior Lecturer in Architecture, with responsibility for
courses in Planning and Design. His appointment as Information and Public Relations Officer, responsible to the Vice-Chancellor,
was confirmed at the end of 1951. This was the first such appointment in an Australian university, and he began with a
major undertaking, the Centenary Appeal.

He was associated with many initiatives, including the alumni publication 'The Gazette', which he founded shortly after he
was appointed and which he edited for the next twenty years.

The first of his art books was a description of the University for the centenary celebrations in 1952. A sumptuous version of this work was presented to the Duke of Edinburgh in 1954 when he visited the University.

Subsequently, he wrote and illustrated books on the University and its Colleges, as well as other pans of Sydney. A folio of twelve drawings of University buildings was completed in 1991.

From 'The University of Sydney News', 16 April 1991