Honorary awards

Allan Gillespie

The title of Honorary Fellow of the University was conferred upon Allan Gillespie.


Chancellor, I have the honour to present Mr Allan Gillespie for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.

Mr Gillespie has been closely associated with the University of Sydney through the Electrical and Information Engineering Foundation.

In 1991 Mr Gillespie was appointed Chief Executive of Sydney Electricity, now EnergyAustralia, and moved to Sydney from Brisbane. He took an immediate interest in the work of Sydney's universities and, in 1991, was elected President of the Electrical Engineering Foundation at the University of Sydney.

Under his leadership, the Foundation and the School of Electrical and Information Engineering have worked together to successfully position the School as a key resource for industry and the profession.

In the strategic area, the Foundation's Forward Planning Committee published a vision of the School five years into the future helping the School to identify its priorities. This has been followed up with benchmarking the School against other leading engineering schools.

In the curriculum area, industry has been closely involved with the School through on-going curriculum reviews. These reviews have allowed industry to make real changes to the courses being taught and to ensure the relevance of the degrees to industry's needs.

In the research area, industry has become familiar with the School's research through the Research Conversaziones, the Research Report and the Research Needs of Industry Committee. This interaction has led to new research including the Research Program in Advanced Power Systems and Markets and an Asset Management Research Program.

A much-discussed topic among the profession today is how to deepen the awareness that engineers have of their role in society. In response, Mr Gillespie has championed the Sophia Technica Project within the Foundation. The project aims to develop among engineers a better awareness of the complex role which technology plays in determining the quality of peoples’ lives in a modern society and the social and ethical issues which can arise from the generation of wealth through technological innovation. A new course pursuing these aims and open to all students across the Faculty of Engineering will be introduced as a final year elective this year.

Mr Gillespie's support of the University of Sydney is only a part of his contribution to industry, education and the society at large. He was a member of the Board of the Australian Technology Park from 1991 until 2000 and is Chairman of the Electricity Supply Association of Australia. Mr Gillespie's contribution to engineering was recognised when he was made Professional Engineer of the Year by the New South Wales Branch of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, in 1995. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Institution in 1999. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Chancellor, may I present Mr Allan Gillespie for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.