Honorary awards

Norman McAlister Gregg

The honorary degree of Doctor of Science was conferred upon Norman McAlister Gregg by the Chancellor Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn KCMG OBE at the ceremony of conferring of honorary degrees held on 29 August 1952 as part of the University of Sydney's Centenary celebrations.

Norman McAlister Gregg, MC, MB ChM Sydney, FRACS, was a physician and Charles Mickle Fellow for 1951 in the University of Toronto, Canada.

Norman McAlister Gregg

Mr Gregg being presented to Chancellor Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn for the award, a Sydney Morning Herald photo, with copies held by the University of Sydney Archives.


Presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor T G Room:

Mr Chancellor, to Norman McAlister Gregg every potential mother in the world owes a great debt. For the skill with which he restores sight to the partially blind he is well-known, but it is not primarily for this that we honour him today. In the course of that work, by careful observation and penetrating analysis, he made a discovery of importance transcending anything that he could effect in individual operations. The birth into normal families of children lacking full use of one or more of their faculties has been a cause of much unhappiness over which conventional medicine has for centuries drawn a convenient veil of mystery. This mystery he dispelled; so that in a large measure families need no longer fear this undeserved calamity.

Mr Chancellor, I present to you Norman McAlister Gregg, who by his outstanding contribution to the knowledge of medical science has made the world a happier place to live in.

From "The University of Sydney Centenary Celebrations August 26 - August 31, 1952" compiled by the Office of Information and Public Relations. Allan Gamble, Information and Public Relations Officer.