Honorary awards

Robert George Grey

The title of Honorary Fellow was conferred upon Robert George Grey at the ceremony held at 4.00pm on 21 December 1995.


Presented by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor D McNicol


I have the honour to present Mr Robert George Grey for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.

Mr Grey, until recently the Manager of a large commercial intensive piggery at Menangle in NSW, has been closely associated with the University of Sydney since 1974.

His achievements in the pig industry have been considerable, including the development of the first specific pathogen-free pig herd in Australia. In 1974 Mr Grey was awarded a Churchill Fellowship that enabled him to conduct an extensive study of the pig industry in Europe and North America. His extensive academic and industrial expertise were of immense value in meeting the demands of a modem intensive piggery, laying a foundation for collaborative research and discoveries that continued until his retirement this year.

Mr Grey has provided the University's Faculties of Veterinary Science and Agriculture with significant opportunities for scholarly research and scientific observation within an industry setting. He developed and maintained a record system which facilitated the identification and solution of many problems within the industry. As a direct consequence of this record system, five major disease and management problems of the international pig industry have been successfully addressed and contained.

Many of these research findings have been adopted by the pig industry in Australia, Europe and North America. Mr Grey has collaborated in research projects by maintaining a research unit within his piggery and has been involved in the design and implementation of scientific trials.

His involvement in research has resulted in the recognition of the University as a world-class research centre contributing important improvements to the pig industry.

Chancellor, it is with great pleasure that I present Mr Robert George Grey for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.