Honorary awards

Dr Erwin Griswold

The degree of Doctor of Laws* was conferred ad eundem gradum
upon the Dean of Harvard Law School, Dr Erwin Griswold by the Chancellor Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn on 16 August 1951.

Dr Griswold was visiting Australia for the seventh Legal Convention of the Law Council.

* As there was no provision in the University Act until 1952 for conferring of honorary degrees by the University of Sydney, the University awarded a number of degrees 'ad eundem gradum' - mostly Doctor of Laws - as a mark of special honour. Those who received this award included members of the Royal Family, Governors-General, distinguished soldiers and leaders of industry.

The Right Hon Viscount Jowitt, Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn & Erwin Griswold

Chancellor Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn (on left) and Dr Erwin Griswold, photo, University of Sydney Archives.


Dr Erwin Griswold was Master of Arts of Aberlin College, Bachelor of Laws and Doctor of Juridical Science of Harvard University. He had written many works of scholarship and had initiated new courses in fields of law such as the Study of Legislation. Dean Griswold was recognised as an authority in the field of Taxation. 'It was an honour to the University that not only could we pay tribute to Dean Griswold, but also, through him, to the great institution of which he is head.'

From 'The Gazette' 1952