Honorary awards

Frederick Leonard Hall

The title of Honorary Fellow was conferred upon Frederick Leonard Hall at the ceremony held at 5.30pm on 6 June 1995.


Presented by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor D McNicol


I have the honour to present Mr Fred Hall, for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.

Mr Hall was invited by the Senate to become a member of the University of Sydney Appointments Board in 1979, when he held the position of General Manager of Management Services for IBM in the Australian and New Zealand region, and was a member of the Board of IBM Australia. Mr Hall served as a member of that Board for fifteen years, and as its Chairman for six years. He was a staunch advocate of the University and especially of its graduates who were among his extensive network of contacts in the business and government communities. Mr Hall possessed a remarkable insight into the work of this University's careers service, and upheld the importance of links between industry and higher education.

He has been actively involved in directorships of a number of public companies. For almost ten years he was involved with the Committee for the Economic development of Australia (CEDA) as Executive Member, Trustee and Alternate Director. His numerous Government appointments have included the Deputy Chairmanship of the New South Wales Lotteries and the Committee of Inquiry into Aboriginal Employment and Education. He has also provided great support and service to universities, including this one.

A graduate of the University of Adelaide, he has in recent years become a member of the Council of Macquarie University, after completing a post-retirement Master's degree in its Management School. That activity has not diminished his advocacy of this University and its graduates, or his willingness to provide wise advice to the University and especially to the Director of the Careers Centre.

His period as Chairman of the Appointments Board covered a difficult time of recession, structural change in the Australian economy and massive restructuring of the Australian workforce. His ability to see beyond immediate change to the future needs of the workforce meant that his contribution to this University's work for its students and graduates was a major one.

Chancellor, I have the honour to present Mr Fred Hall for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.