Honorary awards

Sir George Clifton Halliday

At a ceremony on 29 June 1985, the University conferred the title of Honorary Fellow on the noted otolaryngologist, Sir George Halliday.

Sir George Halliday and the Chancellor, Sir Hermann Black

Sir George Halliday (left) with the Chancellor, Sir Hermann Black, at the ceremony, photo, 'The University of Sydney News', 9 July 1985.


'Sir George', said Professor Ward in his presentation remarks, 'has been in the forefront of medical practice in otolaryngology and has been conspicuously generous in his public, as distinct from his professional, work for the deaf'.

'Few people have done so much to provide practical assistance for those with loss of hearing.'

The Vice-Chancellor went on to refer to the 'wise counsel' Sir George had given the University when it set up a Chair in Otolaryngology, and to the part he had played in raising funds for the purpose.

From ''The University of Sydney News', 9 July 1985