Honorary awards

Dr Peter Douglas Jones

The title of Honorary Fellow was conferred upon Dr Peter Douglas Jones at the Science ceremony held on 13 June 2000.


Deputy Chancellor, I present to you Peter Douglas Jones for the conferring of the title Honorary Fellow of the University.

Peter Jones graduated first in Science and then in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Sydney in the 1950's. Subsequently, he completed his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, also at this University.

Dr Jones was one of the earliest users of advanced computing facilities in this University, indeed in the world: during his PhD, he made extensive use of the University's SILLIAC computer, then at the forefront of advanced computing.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr Jones has participated actively in the development of computer science and technology and in the promotion of the use of computers in our society. Dr Jones has held academic appointments in computing at the University of NSW and at the ANU. He has been closely involved in the development of 'super computing', first through his design work on the Atlas computer at Manchester University and then through both his personal and professional relationship with the legendary Seymour Cray, generally regarded as the father of modern day super computing.

Dr Jones was the founder of several successful companies that have pioneered high-speed data communication and local area networking of computing systems. In 1979, he founded Techway Limited, out of which grew manufacturing facilities in Penrith NSW, the development of high performance packet switching networks and a close business relationships with a number of leading-edge international companies including Cray Research, Network Systems, Storage Technology and Oracle. Techway listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in December 1993 with Dr Jones as Chairman. In 1996, Dr Jones founded CTEC Pty Ltd and Home Communications Pty Ltd to develop and commercialise advanced Internet applications. This, I should add, was long before the term 'ecommerce' had entered our daily language.

Dr Jones has served the University of Sydney in many capacities including as Governor of the Science Foundation for Physics for many years and as its President from 1993 to 1996. He is also a member of the Foundation for Information Technology in the University's Basser Department of Computer Science. He continues to collaborate with University staff in the development of high performance computing infrastructure at the Australian Technology Park. He has recently acted as Interim General Manager of the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications, the M$12 funding for which he was instrumental in obtaining from the State Government.

Dr Jones was a member of the Prime Minister's Advisory Committee on Science and Technology from 1984 to 1990. His contributions to Computing Science, and the use of computers, have been recognised by his election to Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.
Dr Jones has excelled in his chosen area of academic and professional endeavour. He has also made major contributions outside of his professional activities that have resulted in the development of computers, and, Deputy Chancellor, I have the honour to present Peter Douglas Jones for the conferring of the title Honorary Fellow of the University.