Honorary awards

Dr Patricia Lahy

Dr Patricia Lahy, a former University Pro-Vice-Chancellor, was the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Letters degree conferred at a graduation ceremony held on 27 March 1992 in the Great Hall.


In 1980 Dr Lahy was elected Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the first female dean in an Australian university, and served as Dean for
six years.

In presenting Dr Lahy for the degree, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Don McNicol, said that her appointment as Dean was widely welcomed by academics as a milestone in the advancement of women in academic life.

Dr Lahy was given responsibility for the University of Sydney's role as academic adviser ro the newly-established University of Western Sydney (UWS). She was appointed to the Board of Governors of UWS and a member (ex·officio) of all university committees. For the past three years she spent a great deal of time at member establishments of the University, assisting with staffing decisions and reviewing all schools with a view to establishing honours degrees and postgraduate work.

Dr Lahy initiated the first Australian Master's degree in rehabilitation of the physically disabled, subsequently renamed Rehabilitation Counselling, a course now available at a large number of Australian higher education establishments.

From 'The University of Sydney News', 7 April 1992