Honorary awards

Adjunct Professor Wayne R Lonergan

The degree of Doctor of Science in Economics (honoris causa) was conferred upon Adjunct Professor Wayne R Lonergan at the Faculty of Economics and Business graduation ceremony held at 11.30am on 30 May 2008.

Adjunct Professor Wayne R Lonergan

The Deputy Chancellor Alan Cameron AM conferring the honorary degree upon Adjunct Professor Lonergan, photo, copyright Memento Photography.


Deputy Chancellor, I have the honour to present Adjunct Professor Wayne Lonergan for admission to the degree of Doctor of Science in Economics (honoris causa).

Adjunct Professor Lonergan is the Managing Director of Lonergan Edwards & Associates Limited, a specialist corporate valuation practice. He has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business at The University of Sydney since 2002.

Before establishing his own independent practice in 2001, Adjunct Professor Lonergan was a Corporate Finance Partner at Coopers and Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) for 23 years. He has over 35 years experience in corporate finance and business valuations.

Adjunct Professor Lonergan is an eminent accounting practitioner who is widely recognized internationally as a leading Australian expert in the field of corporate and business valuations. In addition to his extensive practical experience, Adjunct Professor Lonergan has also been a regular and influential contributor to professional literature in the area of his expertise, having published the leading valuation text, The Valuation of Businesses, Shares and Other Equity which is the definitive work in Australia on that subject – now in its fourth edition. The University of Sydney Press has recently published his second key reference text, The Valuation of Mining Assets which provides detailed information for both types of finance professional - the investor and the accountant - about how mining projects are valued and reflects both the extensive practical experience and the outstanding technical skills of the author.

In addition to these major works, Adjunct Professor Lonergan has published over 100 professional and technical papers. In his thought-leadership and intellectual contributions to the literature in his field, Adjunct Professor Lonergan is a highly visible beacon of intellectual and professional insight in the important field of business and equities valuation.

Adjunct Professor Lonergan’s memberships of several national and international accounting policy and standard-setting committees are further evidence of his professional eminence within and beyond Australia, and of the high value placed on his professional advice and expertise. Of particular note are his appointments, over many years, to the Companies and Securities Advisory Committee, Australian Accounting Standards Board, the International Accounting Standards Sub-committees on Financial Instruments and the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee. He has also held numerous and senior roles in the Securities Institute of Australia, and is now honoured as a Life Member of the Institute.

Further, it would be difficult to overstate Adjunct Professor Lonergan’s contributions to the Faculty of Economics and Business in The University of Sydney. His commitment to the University has been significant and sustained. As a member of the Faculty’s Board of Advice (since 1999), Adjunct Professor Lonergan has made a truly outstanding contribution to the strategic, educational and professional development of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Deputy Chancellor, I present Adjunct Professor Wayne Lonergan for admission to the degree of Doctor of Science in Economics (honoris causa), and I invite you to confer the degree upon him.