Honorary awards

Dr Norman Archibald McRae MacKenzie

The degree of Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) was conferred by the Chancellor upon Dr Norman Archibald McRae MacKenzie, the President of the University of British Columbia, Canada, on 14 June 1955.


The Vice-Chancellor, Professor S H Roberts, said that Dr MacKenzie had "an amazing record for a man of just over 60". He held the Military Medal and bar, was a Queen's Counsel, a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws and an honorary Doctor of Laws at eight universities. Among a number of positions, he had held a high post on the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, and had been Cchairman of the Canadian Wartime Information Board. He was also the author of books on law and international affairs.

In his address, Dr MacKenzie told the audience of about 200 that he hoped more Australians and Canadians would visit each other. It was of the utmost importance that the people of the Commonwealth should know more about each other, he said. People in "the great empty content" of Australia were the envy of people not so fortunate. "In a world grievously divided between Communist and non-Communist legions, you should remember that". The problem of survival was "probably the number one problem in your lifetime". "You should use your energies to undertand the relationships of men and women and of nations, and to find solutions".

from The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 June 1955