Honorary awards

Hugh George McCredie

The honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon Hugh George McCredie by the Chancellor Sir Hermann Black at a conferring of degrees ceremony held on 16 April 1988.

Mr McCredie retired from the University in 1982 as Deputy Principal.


At the ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Professor J M Ward said that McCredie, as a Registrar, Secretary and Deputy Principal, was: "... an outstanding example of a career administrator, tireless in trying to establish a more efficient University. Paper never sat long on his desk, though not all of it was moved during normal working hours. A familiar brown briefcase was his regular companion and into it went any papers not attended to by the end of a long day. Those who worked for him could be sure that next morning all these documents would have returned to the University with instructions annotated upon them. Despite the extremely heavy workload that he imposed an himself, Hugh McCredie was always to be found with an open door to hear anyone's problems, both personal and professional. Compassionate and sensitive solutions were regularly found. Both as Registrar and later as Deputy Principal, Mr McCredie brought a special blend of sensitivity to the academic needs of the University, well-based skills in financial management, and an independent mind dedicated to improving the University's efficiency and effectiveness and fostering its good relations in the business and rural communities."