Honorary awards

Ian Alastair Ramage

The degree of Master of Economics (honoris causa) was conferred upon Ian Alastair Ramage at the ceremony held at 2.00pm on 11 April 1997.


Presented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Judith Kinnear


I have the honour to present Ian Alastair Ramage, for admission to the degree of Master of Economics, (Honoris Causa).

In 1946, after service with the Royal Australian Air Force, Ian Ramage resumed work as a bank officer in the Commercial Banking Company in Sydney and at the same time completed the degree of Bachelor of Economics at this University. In pursuing his career he became an Associate of the Bankers' Institute of Australasia, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and a Fellow of the Society of Certified Practising Accountants.

In 1957, Mr Ramage joined the University of Sydney Union as Assistant Secretary, subsequently becoming Secretary in 1960. In 1968 he transfered to the University as Senior Finance Officer. In 1972 he was appointed Investment Officer; in 1982, Accountant; in 1984, Accountant and Acting Bursar; and in 1985 Acting Bursar until his retirement in 1986.

In each position he served the University with distinction, with the utmost diligence, always putting the University before self. Under his care and guidance as Investment Officer and then Accountant and Bursar, the income of the University increased considerably and due to his professional prowess, leadership, strength of personality, and extensive contacts with the banking industry, the performance of his department was markedly improved. Since his retirement he has maintained contact with the University and with former staff, and he and Mrs Ramage have assisted other retired staff with compassion.

In retirement, he has also revealed himself as an author, publishing two books on the history of the Sydney suburb of Wahroonga and its environs.

Mr Ramage was, and is, a loyal and devoted University man.

Chancellor, I have great pleasure in presenting Ian Alastair Ramage for admission to the degree of Master of Economics, (Honoris Causa).