Honorary awards

Thiagarajah Sri Ramanathan

The title of Honorary Fellow was conferred upon Thiagarajah Sri Ramanathan at the ceremony held at 5.30pm on 31 May 1996.


Presented by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor D J Anderson


I have the honour to present Thiagarajah Sri Ramanathan for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.

Sri Ramanathan was a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics of this University from 1975 to 1989 when he retired. For many years prior to his retirement, he had lectured in the Continuing Education and MBA programs and he has maintained those commitments to the present day. He is an outstanding lecturer and he is widely respected by his students. His courses are current, topical and especially relevant to our international students and those anticipating secondment or appointment overseas.

Prior to migrating to Australia, Sri Ramanathan had been an Industrial Court judge in Sri Lanka where he had also been Chairman of the Legal Disciplinary Panel and President of the Law Society. Since coming to Australia he has served on the NSW Law Society's Company Law Review Committee and on a number of Government Committees.

Within the Graduate School of Business, he assisted greatly with the development of the Small Business Program which led to a major grant from the NSW Education and Training Foundation. Sri Ramanathan has earned a special place in the life of the Graduate School of Business.

He is known especially for his counselling of staff and students and his support for those in difficulties. His deep religious convictions and his remarkable personal qualities enable him to reach out to people, to put them at their ease and to guide them through their problems. Despite his age and his many interests, Sri Ramanathan comes to the Graduate School of Business every day.

He represents the human face of the University. He has given long and dedicated service to the University which has not stopped with his formal retirement. He gives freely of himself - far beyond the call of a part-time lecturer. He is a true friend of the University, and of its students and staff.

Chancellor, I have the honour to present Sri Ramanathan for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.