Honorary awards

Reginald J Richardson AM

The title of Honorary Fellow of the University was conferred upon Reginald J Richardson AM at the Faculty of Medicine graduation ceremony at 11.30am on 13 December 2013 ... more.

The Vice-Chancellor and Mr Richardson

The Vice-Chancellor and Mr Richardson, photo, University of Sydney.

Mr Richardson and his family

Mr Richardson and his family, photo, University of Sydney.


Deputy Chancellor, I have the honour to present Reg Richardson for the award of an Honorary Fellowship of the University of Sydney.

Reg has been self-employed for over 40 years, owning and operating businesses in the service industries, including pharmaceutical distribution, information management and self-storage. In recent years he has been heavily involved in promoting philanthropy in Australia.

Before dedicating his time to philanthropic pursuits, Reg was the Deputy Chairman of the Museum of Contemporary Art, director of the Art Gallery of NSW Foundation, The Mercy Foundation and the Ted Noffs Foundation. In 2007 Reg was made a Member of the Order of Australia.

It is his passion for art that has motivated him to support and mentor many emerging artists, particularly Aboriginal artists.
From these beginnings he extended his work into fundraising for research and treatment into melanoma and the improvement of indigenous health – he has now raised more than $90 million for these causes which are close to his heart. Reg is a passionate advocate for philanthropy and promotes its vital role in innovation, creating new knowledge, pursuing the unknown and doing what needs to be done.

Reg lets no opportunity pass to encourage others with the capacity, to contribute.

Originally it was Reg who convinced his friend and colleague Greg Poche that going public in his philanthropy would lead to more giving and in his own words, “My argument was it would allow others to follow and create some push.”

Currently Reg is Chairman of Melanoma Institute Australia, a director of the Mater Hospital Foundation, and board member at our very own Sydney Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, as well as the Flinders University Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Wellbeing and the University of Melbourne Centre of Indigenous Eye Health. During 2013 Reg, jointly with Greg Poche AO, has been working to set up Centres for Indigenous Health in three more universities across other states in Australia with $10 million dedicated to each recipient organisation.

Reg and his equally dedicated wife Sally, open their house and enviable art collection for fund raising events.

Reg is a recognized leader in philanthropy in Australia and we are proud of his association with our University. For us Reg does more than link donors to great ideas, he actively participates in many of our programs including encouraging and mentoring students and staff in the Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Health Promotion; successfully lobbying government to recognise this qualification for Aboriginal Health Workers; promoting collaboration with our neighbours the South Sydney Rabbitohs and their charity arm, Souths Cares – this partnership alone has resulted in health care checks this week for 1500 kids living in this bush.

In Reg’s words: “Everyone who is wealthy has a major responsibility to give” and he says he is feeling hopeful about the recently wealthy who seem to understand the importance and value of philanthropy and are increasingly willing to donate bigger proportions of their wealth than has previously been the norm in Australia.

Deputy Chancellor, I present Reg Richardson for an honorary fellowship, and I invite you to confer the title of Honorary Fellow of the University upon him.