Honorary awards

Sir Josiah Stamp

The degree of Doctor of Laws* was conferred ad eundem gradum upon Sir Josiah Stamp by the Chancellor Mr Justice Halse Rogers at the ceremony held in the Great Hall on 2 February 1938 in the presence of a distinguished gathering.

Sir Joseph was an economist, a Director of the Bank of England and Chairman of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, and was visiting Sydney for the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Foundation of Australia.

Dr Hugh Dalton, Dame Maria Ogilvie Gordon and the Earl de la Warr were also awarded honorary degrees at this ceremony.

* As there was no provision in the University Act until 1952 for conferring of honorary degrees by the University of Sydney, the University awarded a number of degrees 'ad eundem gradum' - mostly Doctor of Laws - as a mark of special honour. Those who received this award included members of the Royal Family, Governors-General, distinguished soldiers and leaders of industry.


From left: Dr Hugh Dalton, Dame Maria Ogilvie Gordon, the Chancellor Mr Justice Halse Rogers, the Earl de la Warr and Sir Josiah Stamp, photo, Queensland Times, 11 February 1938, National Library of Australia.


Sir Josiah presented to the Chancellor a copy of the diary of Surgeon-General John White who accompanied Captain Arthur Phillip to Australia. The book was to be presented to the New England University College at Armidale.

After the ceremony, Sir Josiah took cinematograph pictures of his colleagues in the Quadrangle.