Honorary awards

Val Street

An honorary Master of Education degree was conferred on Ms Val Srreet, Principal of Women's College from 1981 to 1990, at a graduation ceremony held on 28 February 1992 in the Great Hall.

Ms Street with the Vice·Chancellor, Professor Don McNicol

Ms Street with the Vice·Chancellor, Professor Don McNicol, photo, 'The University of Sydney News', 10 March 1992, University Archives.


'Each principal of Women's College has made her special mark on the College. The Val Streer era was notable for her encouragement of academic excellence through the award of scholarships and the building of strong ties with the University,' said the Vice·Chancellor, Professor Don McNicol.

'Val worked hard for the University both inside and out. She has been a Fellow of the Senate and was the first Head of College to be appointed as observer on the Academic Board, a practice which has continued. She was a member of the Faculty of Education and is now an Honoraty Associate of that Faculty and a member of the Committee for Continuing Education.'

As well as running an Education and Training Consultancy, Ms Street is on two hospital boards and the TAFE Board. She has recently been appointed by the Minister for Further Education Training and Employment as Chairperson of the newly-formed Board of Adult and Community Education.

From 'The University of Sydney News', 10 March 1992