Honorary awards

Leo Edward Tutt

The title of Honorary Fellow was conferred upon Leo Edward Tutt at the ceremony held at 9.30am on 28 October 1996.


Presented by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Gavin Brown


I have the honour to present Leo Edward Tutt for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.

Mr Tutt has had a long association with the University of Sydney as a student and through the Graduate School of Business Foundation. He studied accountancy here and entered the Accounting profession. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. In his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of Bowater Industries Australia Ltd, he is the longest standing benefactor of the Graduate School of Business Foundation. In 1987, Bowater endowed the first Chair in Management at this University.

It is important to emphasise that Bowater's initial commitment to funding the Chair was for a fixed period of three years. However, Mr Tutt used his good offices to extend the term of financial support, not once but twice. By the end of 1995, the funding of the Bowater Chair of Management covered an eight year period. In terms of actual financial support this represents an expenditure well in excess of half a million dollars.

Mr Tutt is prominent in business affairs. From 1978 until this year, he was Chairman and Chief Executive for Australia, New Zealand and the Far East for Bowater Plc and he is a Director of a number of public companies. He has been generous in bringing that experience and his good counsel to the Graduate School of Business. For the past four years he was and remains the Deputy President of the Graduate School Foundation, the advisory body which oversees the strategy and overall development of the School. He has been a member of the Foundation for over eight years and has contributed extensively to the shaping of the School's strategic directions since the late 1980's.

Mr Tutt has interacted with and contributed to the University in other ways. He has been guest speaker at graduation dinners, he has organised corporate seminars using the expertise of members of the academic staff, and has hosted lunches for prominent people from industry, the public sector and academia as a means of further publicising the activities of the Graduate School of Business.

In sum Mr Tutt has been a generous and steadfast supporter of the University and, in particular, of the Graduate School of Business.

Chancellor, may I present Leo Edward Tutt for the conferring of the title of Honorary Fellow.