Honorary awards

David Roy Vernon Wood

An honorary Doctor of Letters degree was conferred on Mr David Wood at a graduation ceremony held on Friday 11 March 1994 in the Great Hall.


Mr Wood was formerly Senior Adviser to Sir Bruce Williams, former Vice-Chancellor of the University. Mr Wood retired from the University in 1976. Mr Wood's commitment to and involvement with the University have lasted well into his retirement and involved thousands of hours of voluntary effort in bringing to light some of the forgotten history of the University.

In a citation read at the graduation ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Don McNicol, said that after retirement and in an honorary capacity David Wood had undertaken some of his most important work for the University.

In 1976 he commenced a review of the history of the finances of the University. 'This mammoth task took three years part-time and is in the University archives,' said Professor McNicol.

'Mr Wood has devoted much time to the production of four published volumes related to the history of the University as well as providing appendices for 'Australia's First', the first official history of the University.

His most recent project has been the compiling of a Book of Remembrance focusing on the contribution made by the University's graduates to the Second World War.

Each of these projects and the many hours devoted to them have been a labour of love.'

From 'The University of Sydney News', 22 March 1994