Honorary awards

His Royal Highness the Duke of York

The degree of Doctor of Laws* was conferred ad eundem gradum upon His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales by the Deputy Chancellor Mr Justice Street at a ceremony held in the Great Hall on 29 March 1927.

The Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) were on a five week tour of Australia, beginning in NSW on 26 March 1927, as part of a tour of the British Empire. The main purpose of their visit to Australia was for the Duke to formally open the new Commonwealth Parliament building in Canberra, which he did on 9 May.

* As there was no provision in the University Act until 1952 for conferring of honorary degrees by the University of Sydney, the University awarded a number of degrees 'ad eundem gradum' - mostly Doctor of Laws - as a mark of special honour. Those who received this award included members of the Royal Family, Governors-General, distinguished soldiers and leaders of industry.

The Duke of York

Preceeded by the Esquire Bedell (Colonel R J A Massie), the Duke and the Deputy Chancellor Mr Justice Street leave the Great Hall after the honorary degree was conferred upon the Duke, photo, 'Western Mail,' 28 April 1927, NLA Newspapers.


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