Fellows of Senate

Mary Differs Kidd

Mary Differs Kidd was a Fellow appointed by the Governor of NSW from 1929 to 1934.


Fellow of Senate 1929 - 1934

Beginning as a pupil teacher at Stanmore in August 1889, Miss Kidd gained a full scholarship to the old Hurlstone Training College, where she qualified for the highest available certificate. After service in metropolitan schools, she was appointed in turn to the Lismore, Lambton and Burke Ward schools, and became mistress at Kurri Kurri, Wickham, and Paramatta. She was promoted to Inspector in 1923, and Staff Inspector of Domestic Science Schools in 1925 which made her the senior woman inspector of the Education Department

She was appointed to Senate in 1929. Some four years earlier she had made a tour of the world, and investigated the teaching of domestic science in various countries in Europe and America.

She retired from the Education Department in 1939 after 50 years public service.

From 'The Sydney Morning Herald', 31 October 1929 and May 1939