The Quadrangle

The East Range and Great Hall – 1900 to 1920s

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1900 - 1909

Sydney University with crowd of people ca 1890-1910

Sydney University with crowd of people ca 1890-1910, photo H86.76/15 from a glass stereograph negative, by photographer John Henry Harvey, State Library of Victoria.


The Main Building from the southeast in 1900, photo G3_224_0805, University Archives. — Note: the cows in the foreground.


The Quadrangle in 1900, photo, University Archives. — Note: the Anderson Stuart building, built between 1884 and 1892 as a Medical School, is visible on the left.


George Street South (now Broadway) about 1900, with the Quadrangle in the distance, photo, University Archives. — Note: steam trams and steam tram lines.

Quadrangle in 1902

At the front of the Quadrangle in 1902 (with the Anderson Stuart Building at the far left), a guard of honour formed by the University returned soldiers, under the command of Brigadier General I G Mackay CMG, awaits the arrival of the Prince of Wales, photo, University Archives.

Golden Jubilee garden party, 2 October 1902

The University's Golden Jubilee (50th) garden party on 2 October 1902 at the rear of the Main Building, photo, University Archives.

1900 - 1910

The Quadrangle 1900 - 1910, photo, Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, Digital order number: PXE 711/232. — Note: an electric tram, as the existing steam tram lines had been electrified.


Panorama of Victoria Park in 1908 showing the intersection of Parramatta and Newtown Roads. The buildings in the background are Sydney University, the Medical Hall and the Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institutions, photo, The Australasian, 31 October 1908, National Library of Australia.

1910 - 1919


A view of the rear of the East range between 1909 and 1912, with the newly built Fisher Library standing separate, photo G3_224_184, University Archives. — Note: the temporary structures in the grounds such as stables and huts.


The Quadrangle 1915, photo, University Archives. — Note: the Sir Peter Nicol Russell memorial on the right.

The Peter Nicol Russell Memorial

View of the Peter Nicol Russell Memorial, taken between 1905 and 1923, with the Great Hall on the left and Macleay Museum on the right, photo, courtesy of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney.

The Fete in 1916

View of the fete held at the University, behind the East range, on 16 September 1916 which was organised by the women students in aid of the War Chest and of the fund for providing Christmas comforts for soldiers, photo HP87.19.42 by photographer Ellice E P Dart (nee Hamilton), courtesy of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney ... view more images and information.



The main entrance to the University until 1926 was from City Road. This is a view of the entrance during the 1920s, photo G3_224_1705, University Archives. — Note: sandstone pillars, iron gates and lodges on each side of the entrance; and the lodges and gate piers were probably designed in the late 1880s by James Barnet to match the Tudor Gothic style of the Quadrangle.

View of the main entrance gates

The reverse of the above photo - view from the Quadrangle of the City Road entrance to the University, photo, courtesy State Records NSW.

Quadrangle 1920

The front of the Main building in 1920 with Parramatta Road in the foreground, photo, University Archives. — Note: electric trams and motor cars as well as horse drawn vehicles; road access to the University grounds gradually switched to the entrance on Parramatta Road opposite Derwent Street; and in 1926 this became the main vehicular entrance when, in order to secure additional land, the original main entrance was exchanged for a part of Victoria Park.

Quadrangle 1927

View of the Quadrangle in 1927, photo by Harold Cazneaux, University Archives. — Note: this and the photo below are part of a series of photos by Harold Cazneaux who was commissioned by the University to make a photographic record of the students and buildings as part of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the commencement of teaching at the University ... more.

Quadrangle 1927

View of the eastern façade – south eastern corner - of the Quadrangle, photo by Harold Cazneaux, University Archives.


View of the Australian Army Guard of Honour (University Regiment) for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) to the University on 29 March 1927, photo, Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, Digital order number: hood_06642.