The Quadrangle

The East Range and Great Hall – a little bit different

The following are a selection of unusual views of the University of Sydney Quadrangle – not all are real!!

1989 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2012 / 2014

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A fire in the roof of the Professorial Board Room
A fire in the roof of the Professorial Board Room
A fire in the roof of the Professorial Board Room

Fighting a fire which broke out in the roof space at the south-east corner of the Quadrangle on 24 February 1989 damaging part of the east and south range and requiring the removal of damaged roof timbers. The roof was subsequently restored, photos, University of Sydney Archives.



The Quadrangle after a hailstorm on 15 August 2006, photo, Civil Engineering website. — Read the UniNews story.


Verge Arts Festival 2007

The Quadrangle during the University of Sydney Union's Verge Arts Festival in 2007, photos, courtesy USU. This is the University’s annual arts festival held in the first two weeks of each September.



The Clocktower of the Quadrangle joined the list of landmark Australian and international buildings to glow pink during Breast Cancer Month in October 2008, photo, Faculty of Medicine website. — Find out more.


Sound, light and narrative

The Great Hall celebrated its 150th anniversary with a Sound, light and narrative performance held in the Great Hall on 26 September 2009, photo, Ted Sealey. — Find out more.


The Quadrangle during a dust storm on 23 September 2009, photo, Stephen Cattle, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. — Read the article by Dr Cattle in the Agriculture Alumni Magazine, December 2009.

Sea of Hands installation 2009

Sea of Hands installation on the front lawn between 27 May and 3 June 2009 (designed by Adam Ridgeway), photo by Curtis Flood. — Find out more about Reconciliation Week.

The University was to be the first stop on the state government’s planned West Metro line 2009

The University was to be the first stop on the (then) state Labor government’s planned West Metro mass transport system, linking the CBD with Parramatta and Westmead, which did not proceed. The artist's impression is courtesy, UniNews, September 2009.



Spot the fake!, photo by Lis Bergmann, during restoration work on the Great Hall.



A photoshopped image of two water buffalo grazing in the Quad – "Fresh from last week's stampede down King Street, Sydney's favourite water buffalo made a special appearance at the University for an April Fools' Day joke that had students and staff in a Facebook frenzy (and avoiding the Quad!)", photo, University of Sydney.