The Quadrangle

Building the Quadrangle

Stage 2: 1901 - 1909

The main phases of the Quadrangle's construction were between 1854 and 1966. This webpage covers stage 2 - the period between 1901 and 1909.

The images below are courtesy of the Fisher Library unless otherwise indicated. Click on images for enlargement.

Fisher Library and the Nicholson Museum, 1901 - 1909

Architect: WaIter Liberty Vernon, Government Architect
Style: Tudor Gothic, influenced by the Picaresque style

The next stage of building the Quadrangle was between 1901 and 1909, when the Fisher Library (now MacLaurin Hall) was constructed as a separate purpose-built library, part of the south side of what was to become the Quadrangle.

The Nicholson collection was housed on the ground floor.

Fisher Library and the Nicholson Museum were officially opened on 20 September 1909.

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stage 2

Fisher Library under construction 1907

Building Fisher Library 

Fisher Library and the bookstack
under construction,
photo G3_224_0344.

A rear view of Fisher Library, now roofed,
and bookstack under construction,
photo, courtesy State Records NSW . 

Construction of Fisher Library
  Gargoyles in preparation

Inside Fisher Library during construction.

Gargoyles in preparation, inside the Library.

Gargoyles in preparation

Gargoyles in preparation, inside the Library.

 Inside Fisher Library, nearing completion

Inside Fisher Library, nearing completion,
photo, Construction and Local Government Journal,
2 September 1918, National Library of Australia.

  Fisher Library 1909   Fisher Library, western and southern facades 1910

In 1909, the western and southern facades
of the completed Library,
with the bookstack on the left.

Fisher Library 1910,
photo G3_224_MF374_0191,
University Archives

 Fisher Library 1912   Fisher Library and tennis players c1912

In 1912, view of Fisher Library and bookstack
from within the Quadrangle,
with the Women's Common Room building
on the left, photo G3_224_MF374.

View of Fisher Library, and tennis players
in front of the Women's Common Room
which was demolished in 1917,
photo G3_224_MF374_0047.

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