The Quadrangle

Building the Quadrangle

Stage 5: 1950s

The main phases of the Quadrangle's construction were between 1854 and 1966. This webpage covers stage 5 - the 1950s:.

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The War Memorial Arch and Gallery of Fine Arts over Science Road, 1956 - 1958

Architects: Professor Leslie Wilkinson and H lngham Ashworth
Style: As with Wilkinson's 1920s University buildings, the arch incorporated a different style of architecture on each side:
— the city-facing east side was in classically detailed sandstone like the rest of the Quadrangle.
— the west side was of white stuccoed brick with stone detailing and small paned windows in the Mediterranean style.

The War Memorial Arch over Science Road between the Quadrangle and the Botany building was built between 1956 and 1958 to a modified Wilkinson design. It was built to house a War Memorial Gallery of Fine Arts.

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stage 5
Early stage in the construction of the War Memorial 

 Early stage in the construction
of the War Memorial gate and gallery, 1956.

The old Organic Chemistry wing converted for use by Administration, 1958 - 1959

In 1958-1959, after Chemistry moved to its new building in Eastern Avenue, the old Organic Chemistry wing, which joined the North range, was converted for use by Administration by Eric Andrew. Two new floors were inserted and the design and placement of windows in a building was extensively modified to match.

The old Organic Chemistry Lecture Theatre converted to GLT1, 1958

In 1958 the west end of the Organic Chemistry Lecture Theatre was vacated by Chemistry, which moved to its new building in Eastern Avenue, and a mezzanine floor was inserted into the lecture theatre to accommodate teaching and administration. The main lecture theatre became known as General Lecture Theatre 1.

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