The Quadrangle

The Clock Tower

The Quadrangle of the University of Sydney was commenced in 1855 with the construction of the East Range and the Great Hall in Tudor Gothic style. The Clock Tower was completed in 1862.

In 1862

From a report in the Sydney Morning Herald on 21 March 1862:

"Additions have during the present week been commenced to the Sydney University building, the first portion of the design having been three years since completed externally with the exception of the turrets upon the Tower. The works now undertaken will give an aspect of completeness to this part of the edifice.

The shape of each of the turrets, which will be four in number, will be octagonal; the projecting mullions will support a mitre-shaped cupola, the successive ridges upon which are to be ornamented with rows of crockets, and above will be a neat gilt spire.

Between the turrets, on each side of the Tower, there is to be a tasteful combination of crockets and finials surrounding a clock-face; a clock for one of these has been presented to the University by Sir Stuart A. Donaldson, and it is intended to supply the requisite apparatus for each face to show the time.

There is also to be a bell within each of the Towers.

In the general design, the Tower of the Sydney University will bear some resemblance to that of Eton College. The contract for the masonry of the turrets has been taken by the Messrs. Loveridge, for 1247 pounds; and that for the carving has been taken by Mr. B. W. Hinton, for about 300 pounds - the work to be completed in six months.

The sum voted by Parliament for going on with the building was 5000 pounds. The remainder of this amount will be expended in flooring and plastering the hitherto unfinished wing. Estimates for these works are in course of preparation."