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William Louis Hutton

William Louis Hutton was the Secretary and Registrar of the University of Sydney between 1852 and 1853. The position of Registrar included the role of Secretary to Senate.


Secretary and Registrar: 1852 - 1853

His background

William Hutton was born in Ireland in 1822. Little is known about his early life.

His career at the University of Sydney

Senate appointed Hutton as Secretary and Registrar at its meeting on Monday 2 August 1852, to replace Dr Greenup who had resigned.

He may perhaps best be remembered for his part in obtaining twenty extra acres of land for the new University at Grose Farm. Hutton was sent to Grose Farm, "to make the necessary alteration in the Plan after an inspection of the ground in order that the grant proposed by the Government, viz. 100 acres might not be exceeded."

However the plan he presented to the Senate in 1853, "set out sites for the University and four denominational colleges as well as an acre reserved for the common use of the several colleges and the University" which amounted in all "to about one hundred and twenty acres.

Senate adopted Hutton's plan and it was this plan that the Vice-Provost presented to the Colonial Secretary. The plan was approved in September 1854 and by November of that year a further six acres had been added.

Hutton had, however, resigned in March 1853 and Hugh Kennedy had been appointed to the position.

Hutton died on 29 June 1855, aged 33, at his residence in Cumberland Street, Camperdown.

From an article by Ursula Bygott, University of Sydney Archives 'Record", March 1992, and from geni.com