Fellows of Senate

The Vice-Chancellor

Role of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal

The Vice-Chancellor should, without fettering such powers and discretions as derive from the office, undertake the following:

1.1 Promote the interests of and further the development of the University through prudent, effective and ethical means as chief executive and Fellow of the Senate and as the senior representative of its academic body, participating in ceremonial occasions;

1.2 Manage all the business of the University except where the Senate has explicitly determined limitations;

1.3 Ensure that the Senate is thoroughly informed of administrative or academic implications and fiduciary risks or legal constraints which affect policy recommendations and strategic direction;

1.4 Establish supporting systems to monitor the performance of the University against agreed strategic direction and operating plans;

1.5 With the Chancellor, ensure the Senate, the senior executives and the relevant Committees work fairly, with integrity respecting confidentiality within transparent process and in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect in an informed fashion; in particular ensuring that the Senate functions as it should, as a cohesive, accessible, effective, enquiring and informed body with a paramount fiduciary duty of loyalty to the University to act in the best interests of the University owed by its members both individually and collectively;

1.6 Provide Senate with the particular background knowledge to support Fellows in the discharge of their governance responsibilities;

1.7 Act as the key representative of the University with the wider community; sharing that responsibility with nominated officers and Fellows as appropriate and, in particular, with the Chancellor.