Fellows of Senate

David James Armour Verco

Mr David Verco, MA DipEd Sydney, was a Fellow of Senate appointed by the Governor from 1969 to 1972.

Senate's obituary

Mr D J A Verco, a former Fellow of the Senate, died on 18th August, 1972.

Mr Verco was appointed Director-General of Education and a Fellow of the Senate as from 31st December, 1968, following the retirement from both positions of Dr H. S. Wyndham. He graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1934 in this University, was awarded the Diploma in Education in the following year and the degree of Master of Arts in 1937.

After gaining his M.A., Mr Verco spent two years at the Australian Council for Educational Research where he obtained experience in research and educational testing. Following a period of teaching at Fort Street Boys' High School, he joined the New South Wales Department of Education as one of the first School Counsellors in its Guidance Division.

In 1947 he was appointed Principal Research and Guidance Officer in the Department, in which position he developed the system of Educational Guidance initiated in the public schools by Dr Wyndham.

Mr Verco was appointed as Assistant to the Director-General in 1952 and in 1958 became Director of Teacher Training. He was appointed Deputy Director-General of Education in 1963 and Director-General in 1969.

Mr Verco also contributed to this University as a part-time Lecturer in Education from 1959 to 1970, and as a member of the Board of Studies for the degree of Master of Education during his term as a Fellow.

In August, 1971, he stated the four general aims which his educational credo embodied: "Greater emphasis on individualized instruction of pupils; equality of educa tional opportunity; teaching pupils how to think, not what to think; assisting youngsters to develop their own system of values".

Source: University Calendar 1974, Vol II