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The University of Sydney By-law 1999

Under The University of Sydney Act 1989, Senate has made by-laws relating to the election or appointment of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor and Fellows of Senate; the making and promulgation of Rules; the function of the Vice-Chancellor; academic governance; Convocation; and student discipline. A by-law has no effect unless it has been approved by the Governor of NSW.

The University of Sydney By-law 1999 was approved by Senate on 6 October 1998 and gazetted by the NSW Government on 6 August 1999.

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The University of Sydney By-law 1999 came into effect on 6 August 1999.


The By-law has been amended as follows:

Senate resolution                                                                  Amending instrument   
2001 Senate approved amendment of the By-law by the addition of clauses 9(2) A & B and 11(2) A & B to provide for the removal of a Chancellor or a Deputy Chancellor (14.05.01) University of Sydney Amendment By-law 2001
2002 Senate approved amendment of the By-law:
– to provide for a Student Disciplinary Appeals Committee (3.12.01)
– to provide for a fiduciary duty of fellows to act in the best interests of the University (3.12.01)
University of Sydney Amendment (Appeals Committee) By-law 2002 
2003 Senate approved amendments arising from the review of the Academic Board and the Academic Forum (6.05.02). University of Sydney Amendment (Academic Board) By-law 2003 
2005 Senate approved amendments to the By-law in order to comply with the National Governance Protocols, subject to some amendments (19.09.05). University of Sydney Amendment (National Governance Protocols Requirements) By-law 2005  
2009 Senate approved amendments:
 – to Chapters 1 & 4 to allow for online elections of Fellows of Senate (3 & 25.11.08).
– to clause 16(1) in relation to the position of Secretary to Senate (15.09.08)
University of Sydney Amendment (Senate Elections) By-law 2009  
2010 Senate approved amendments:
– to clauses 17(4) and 18(2) to amend governance functions conferred on the Registrar  (15.06.09).
– in relation to the definition of a student (4.05.09).
–  to clauses 3 and 59 in relation to the position of Registrar, and to clause 76(2) in relation to student
misconduct (16.03.09)
University of Sydney Amendment By-law 2010  
2011 Senate approved the addition of new clause 46BA in relation to Appointed Fellows (1.02.10) University of Sydney Amendment (Senate Appointments) By-law 2010 
  n/a Universities Governing Bodies Act 2011 
2012 Senate approved amendment of clause 24(3) to increase the term of office for undergraduate and postgraduate student Fellows of Senate to 2 years (31.10.11) University of Sydney Amendment (Terms of Office) By-law 2012 
  Senate approved amendment of section 10 of the By-law to enable the term of office for the next Chancellor to be four years from the date of appointment (6.08.12) University of Sydney Amendment (Chancellor) By-law 2012

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