Buildings and Estates Committee

Senate resolutions

On this page access the following Senate resolutions for the Buildings and Estates Committee:


  • The role of the Committee is to monitor and advise Senate on matters of planning, development and general oversight of the management of the University’s real property and physical infrastructure with particular reference to: major capital developments; infrastructure management; operating resource allocation; sustainability and ensuring effective risk management in the areas covered by the Committee’s remit.



  • The Chancellor
  • The Deputy Chancellor
  • The Vice-Chancellor and Principal

— The Chair of the Buildings and Estates Committee who is a Fellow of Senate (not a staff member or student) and is elected by Senate

— Two Fellows of Senate appointed by Senate after consultation by the Chair of the Committee with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

— Two external members with appropriate professional expertise and experience appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Chair of the Committee following consultation by the Chair with Fellows of Senate and others as appropriate. The Secretary to Senate will assist the Chair by seeking suggestions from Fellows of Senate when it is known that there is a position to be filled.

— Senate may, on the advice of the Committee, or on its own volition, appoint additional members as required.

Terms of office
  • Appointed members have terms of office of two years and no member is to serve for more than two consecutive terms.
  • The elected Chair has a term of office of two years and is not to serve for more than three consecutive terms.
  • All term limits are capable of waiver by Senate if recommended by the Nominations and Appointments Committee.
  • In accordance with current provisions governing election to Senate Committees.


  • The Committee meets four times per year.
  • At any meeting of the Committee, three members shall form a quorum.
Reporting to Senate
  • In addition to a report to the Senate, a copy of the agenda and minutes of meetings will be made available to Fellows on the secure Senate website.
Secretary to the Committee
  • Director, Campus Infrastructure Services